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  • BolderImage First in Line for Apple's iPhone 6

    When it comes to developing for the latest technology, BolderImage is always at the front of the line. Our app team demonstrates their passion and fun spirit outside Chicago's downtown Apple Store for the recent iPhone 6 release.
    Tags: Apple iPhone Mobile  09/19/14
  • A New Year's Resolution for Your Website

    With the New Year comes a host of New Years Resolutions -- weight loss, better budgeting, giving up sweets or caffeine, and more. But what about a resolution for your business? What could you do in 2013 that would make your business better and stronger by the end of the year?
  • Reimagining User Experience

    Start looking at features that take your website beyond the basic and create the kind of experiences that customers buzz about.
  • What is Responsive Design?

    Responsive design is the practice of building a website that adapts automatically to the user, regardless of what device or browser theyre using. Sound complicated? The implementation of a responsive design on a website takes some finesse, but the principles are pretty simple.
  • 4 Holiday Web Must-Dos for Brick and Mortars

    Many storefront retailers have a hard time pinning down what to do with their websites for the holiday season. With Black Friday just around the corner, we thought we should look at some ways that your website can support sales this time of year.
  • Turn on the Traffic Flow: Six Ways to Bring People to Your Website

    Is your website getting enough visitors? Successful websites get traffic from a variety of sources, and a web marketing plan should cover as many as possible.
  • Website Kaizen: Continuous Improvement for Your Marketing

    The heart of continuous improvement is simple. Measure, experiment, evaluate, and repeat. And the great news for your web efforts? Almost everything on the web is measurable, which gives you an awful lot of opportunity for improvement.
  • How to Set Up Automated Web Traffic Reports

    Many businesses have taken an important step by installing Google Analytics or a similar tool for monitoring web traffic, website mentions and social media activity.
  • Choosing Web Fonts by Personality

    Each font has its own personality that can enhance or take away from your brand. What personality is right for your company?
  • Small Businesses Need a Website

    Small business websites are more prevalent than ever. If you are still holding out on developing a website for your business, here are five reasons that should make you reconsider.
  • Meet Your Newest Sales Pro: Your Website

    Whether you are selling products or ideas, your website is part of the sales and marketing team; treat your website like you would treat your top sales talent.
  • Five Twitter Tips

    The idea of starting a Twitter account can be intimidating for businesses, but with these five tips it is easier to succeed than you may think.
  • Increase the Impact of SEO

    Help users find your website by increasing your search engine rankings using these 3 easy tips.
  • 4 Ways to Increase Blog Readership

    Blogging is more than just writing great posts, you also want people to read your posts. Here are four ways you can increase blog readership.