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Another Reason Reviewing Google Analytics Data is Important.

So you have launched your new website and have looked at the Google Analytics report . . . now what? 

In a recent review of a client’s Analytics report, we noticed that their homepage was not the main entry point on their website – it was third on the list.  In fact, it turned out that 4 out of 5 of the top entry pages on the site were all pages in the same very detailed informational area on the website.  This section on their website had a rich amount of content and keywords and was drawing in visitors to their website through great organic search engine optimization.

By indentifying this information through Google Analytics, we were able to determine it was time to make some alterations to their website by recognizing that these pages were, actually, landing pages.  By altering these pages, we could make first-time visitors to the site feel more welcome and also give them a quick list of the services that our client performed, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Google Analytics offers a wealth of information—but it needs to be reviewed frequently to scrutinize where your traffic is coming from and where it is going.

- Dave Gruen
Senior Vice-President, Consulting Division

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