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Google Analytics now tracks social engagement

Good news. Your social media efforts actually ARE worth it.


Online marketers have long been advocating for the importance of social media for brand promotion, but have struggled with how to demonstrate ROI. The benchmarks that many were tracking – followers, fans, retweets – all were difficult to connect to the bottom line.


And although Google has been incorporating social media signals into their search engine rankings for some time, it’s been hard to track social media engagement and connect that with web traffic.

The wait is over

As part of its recent launches of Google+ and Google +1, Google has also integrated tracking of +1s into its reporting platforms – Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.


Webmaster Tools integration

Webmaster Tools now offers three distinct reports on how +1 affects your online presence. The Search Impact report provides data on how your search traffic may improve in response to +1s, based on improvements in clickthrough rates between results that are shown with or without +1.

The Activity report will show you how many times your site has been +1’d, and the Audience report will break down demographic information for the people who have +1’d a site.

These reports allow a great view of how site visitors are using +1 on your website.


Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics also provides new reporting around +1s. If you’re using the new version of Analytics (check in the top corner of your screen to see if there’s a “New Version” link), you’ll automatically see a “Social” menu under “Visitors” in the left hand navigation.


Plus, you can track Facebook and Twitter

Google didn’t stop there. With a special code plugin integrated into your Facebook and Twitter buttons, you can track other social media interactions with your site in the same way.

What does this mean for my business?

If you’ve been struggling to understand the impact that social media has on your business, you can now easily access some tools to cut through the fog. With a fairly quick setup process, you can have data at your fingertips to track, evaluate and improve your social media activity.

If you’re investing any time, energy or money in social media, taking advantage of these tools should be a must-do. If you’re savvy enough to edit code or create .html files, check out the articles/tutorials below to get started. For pro help, contact us today.

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