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A New Year's Resolution for Your Website

With the New Year comes a host of New Year’s Resolutions -- weight loss, better budgeting, giving up sweets or caffeine, and more. But what about a resolution for your business? What could you do in 2013 that would make your business better and stronger by the end of the year?


If you’re ready to commit to a new workout plan for your business, here are some things you can do every week or every month that will keep your website in top shape.

1. Pretend you’re a customer

Once a month, spend 20 minutes or so looking at your website as if you’ve never seen it before. Read the words, look at the pictures and colors. What would a new customer think about your business? What might they be looking for that’s hard to find? Take some time to consider the user experience. This will also ensure that if someone is making changes to your website, you’re regularly checking to make sure those changes work the way you anticipated.

2. Ask for feedback

Of course, you can only get so far into the brain of your customer. Sometimes, the feedback that you need will come straight from the source -- your website visitors. Getting feedback can be as formal as a survey that pops up when people visit your site or as informal as asking your customers in person whether they find your website professional, helpful, and thorough. Then when they start talking, listen. Not every comment will be constructive, but almost everything will help you see your web marketing through new eyes.

3. Add new content

More good content is proven to translate into more traffic and more sales. As the size of your website grows, search engines have more ways to present you to your target audience. Plus, a website that never changes will struggle to attract repeat visitors. Add new blog articles, new pages on your services and offerings, link your site to social media and update those accounts often. Frequent activity gives your customers a reason to check you out, and stick around.

4. Get seen

Last, be sure that you’re working your website around the clock. Driving more traffic -- from SEO, online advertising, email marketing, etc. -- ensures that people are visiting your website and engaging with your company more often, which can lead to more customers. Don’t let your site languish. Get that workout started.


The only way to get your website in top shape is to spend time and energy on evaluating, improving and promoting it. For ideas on where to get started, contact us today.

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