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Live Support Chat Software

One of the many questions and challenges we help clients overcome is the converting of visitors into opportunities or sales.  There are four key factors in establishing success metrics for any website.  They are:

  1. We need traffic.
  2. We need traffic to stay longer than 3 seconds.
  3. We need traffic to take action (buy something or contact us).
  4. We need our customers to visit the website more.

If you can establish metrics to benchmark these questions and you are keep them at the forefront of your daily decision making and web strategy you are destined to have success.  One of the most difficult areas to predict how traffic will react is how are we going to convert visitors into taking action.  With today’s technology great content is just not good enough. You have to find a way to leverage video, and other tools.  One of the most popular right now, is a Live Support Chat Software.  A Live Support Chat Software properly implemented can engage your visitors you contact you.  Many visitors may not be ready to have an actual conversation with your firm, but a Chat is different, mainly because they can bail at any time.

Some uses for a Live Support Chat Software:

  • Customer service questions
  • Capturing sales leads
  • Technical support with a field organization
  • Increased efficiency with a sales team allowing them to multitask and get more done
  • Ability to hire a less qualified inside sales person and provide a scripted response program.
  • Reach out to users who are inactive on a page.

There are many more, this is a small sampling.  Right now a Live Support Chat Software is one of the highest ROI’s that can be implemented into a website.

- BolderImage Web Design and Development

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