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4 Easy Ways to Use QR Codes to Promote Your Business

QR codeWhile QR codes are much more common in countries like Japan, we are starting to see more use of them here in the US. A QR code is a matrix barcode that can be scanned with a mobile phone, using a QR code reader. Once scanned, the user can access more information on a company or product. Businesses are getting creative in their use of QR codes. Here are a few ideas to help you come up with ways to market your business using QR codes.

1. Business Cards

When you meet people at industry events, you often don’t have time to chat with each person, or you forget completely what it is they do. By including a QR code on your business card, you ensure that no one forgets who you are. The code can link to more information about you professionally (ideal if you’re a consultant). Or, for a brand, it can take the user to a demo of a product or provide more information about the company.

2. Books

By adding a QR code to a book, an author can provide additional resources, worksheets, quizzes and other products for up sell that will turn the reader into a repeat customer.

3. Products

QR codes on products opens a whole can of possibilities. Scanning the code could enter the user in a contest, give them instructions on how to use the product, or take them to a video that addresses frequently asked questions. For food, a QR code can display nutritional information or provide a coupon for the next purchase.

4. In-Store Displays

Shoppers can scan QR codes on displays to enter contests or sign up for special offers from the store. You can easily increase email sign-ups instantly through QR codes.

QR Code Tips

Keep in mind: in order for someone to go to the trouble of downloading a QR code reader app on their phone there has to be something enticing for them to click on. Simply clicking through to an online ad won’t cut it. There has to be value for the user. Use the data you gather from QR code redeemers to build your marketing strategy. See what types of codes are being redeemed the most and offer more of those.

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