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4 Holiday Web Must-Dos for Brick and Mortars

It’s easy for eCommerce companies to see the impact of their websites on holiday sales, but many storefront retailers have a harder time pinning down what to do with their websites for the holiday season. With Black Friday just around the corner, we thought we should look at some ways that your website can support sales this time of year.

Hours and Directions

After leaving that 5 am doorbuster sale, many shoppers are looking for their next stop. To make the most of this, be sure you post any holiday hours somewhere visible on your website. Include a Google map or other way to find directions easily. And because a good number of those shoppers will be scoping you out with their mobile phone, make this information super accessible on mobile. The first page of an optimized mobile website, for instance, is a great place for this information if your primary goal is to bring people to your location.

Sales and Promotions

With a lot of shopping to do, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But if you know where to go to get the best gifts and the best deals, the process is much easier. Every business that targets holiday shoppers is pulling all the stops out right now to put great sales in front of potential customers. From email to ads to custom home page designs, now is the time to amp up your presence with your best deals to incentivize people to choose you over your competitors.

Policies and Services

How can I be confident that my purchase with your company is a good one? Information like gift wrapping services, return policies, and guarantees help me feel more comfortable that the buying experience will go smoothly. Make sure that you answer all your customers questions up front -- it will translate to more sales.

Online Reviews

If what you have to say isn’t enough to make the sale, give some social proof a try. Your customers may search out more information on your business. They may also look to other consumers for information on your products. You can incorporate some of this into your own website by adding product reviews and testimonials. Or, you can encourage your customers to review you on Yelp! or similar sites. If you’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau or can in any other way demonstrate that you’re a reputable business, look into adding that to your site too. Sometimes it’s what others say about your business that says the most.


These improvements to your web presence will benefit your business through the holiday season and all year long. Want to get it done? Contact us to learn more about making your business website a better marketing tool.

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