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4 Strategies to Build Website Traffic

You have finally launched your new or newly designed website! Congratulations! You may be asking yourself (as many others do), “what now?” You enlisted the help of a top web site development team and followed all of the latest web design best practices, but now you need your target audience to visit the site. So how exactly do you do that? Here are four strategies to help build your online audience:

1. Marketing. The extent of your marketing will depend on your objectives, but the bottom line is that you need to connect with your audience and invite them to visit your website. Add your website’s URL to all of your marketing efforts from your weekly newspaper ad to your cable commercial to the t-shirts of the softball team you sponsor. Wherever your company name is your website URL should also be.

2. Online buzz. Social media is here and it is here to stay. Rather than avoid it, embrace it!
Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the newcomer Pinterest are creating communities like never before. Consumers active on social media are eager to interact with the brands they love. Interact with your social media community to create a buzz about your new site.

3. Blog. Consumers use websites to learn about companies and the products/services they offer. They may not be writing a 12 page paper on what they find, but nonetheless they want to know what you can offer them. Regular new content will also give consumers a reason to come back to your site on a regular basis. Write about anything from happenings in your company to the technology behind your products and topics that complement your offerings.

4. SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to attract visitors to your website. The majority of consumers rely on search engines to provide the best websites on a given topic. In fact, most consumers don’t even venture to the second page of results when they are searching. These trends make it crucial for businesses to invest in keyword research, implementation of an SEO plan and ongoing maintenance.

You have already invested in making a website, now it is time to make your website work for you. If you want some help in getting started remember that we are just a phone call away.

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