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Facebook vs. Google+: Which is Better for Your Business?

With all of the buzz around Google+, you may be wondering if you should abandon your business’ Facebook Page in favor of the newest, shiniest social media tool. Don’t delete your Facebook account just yet; let’s first weigh the pros and cons of each.


With over 750 million active users, you’re sure to come across a few new customers on Facebook. Even my mom is on Facebook, and that’s saying a lot. We seem to have perfected the business use case of Facebook, with customized pages luring potential customers in with coupons and contests. But will Facebook become passé, just like MySpace? Everything has a shelf life, and the introduction of Google+ is making people question Facebook’s sell-by date.


Still in limited beta, most of the country hasn’t yet used Google+, so the jury is still out on its usefulness. At this point, Google+ does not offer business pages, so a user of Google+ has no way of stumbling across your business’ page. Were it to offer business features, it could be a great way to organize your target audience, as Google+ offers circles that serve as a way to update a group of people that have common interests. So if you sell men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, you could have a circle of contacts for each category and send them special promotions targeted at each group. Just not yet. Still, the fact that Google+ ties in with the largest search engine in the world is not lost on business owners. Hopefully Google will give us a way to leverage that.


It's too early to tell how big a player Google+ will be in the business social media marketing world, but keep your eyes open. For now, continue using Facebook and other social media, then if you get the chance (you’ll be standing in a big line), sign up for Google+ and see where it goes. Remember: social media is an ever-evolving creature, so even if Google+ doesn’t cater to businesses just yet, it will.

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