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Five Twitter Tips

Beginners Tips on Twitter for BusinessThe number of blogs explaining social media is nearly limitless: how to make the most of Pinterest, utilizing Facebook, and so many more. But what about Twitter? It is one of the biggest players in the social media world, yet it is usually the last major network businesses try to tackle.

We get it, it can be intimidating and confusing. But you can do it! Keep these five tips in mind when you are ready to expand your social media presence or bolster your current profile:

1. Follow industry influencers

The people you follow should be a well thought out part of your strategy. The benefits of following influencers is twofold: 1) you can glean techniques from them and stay abreast all of the latest trends in your industry and 2) Twitter users follow people associated with influential people. If you associate yourself with your industry influencers (by following them and communicating with them) you are likely to gain several of their followers.

So ask yourself, who in your industry is an influencer? Whose following do you wish you had?

2. Actually “create” a profile

Having a good profile is more than just signing up for a username. Always make sure you have a profile pictures (users without pictures are often thought of as SPAM accounts and you will have a hard time gaining legitimate followers), write a compelling bio, and customize the background and color scheme. It may seem simple, but it’s crucial.

3. Manage your account with lists

As you increase the number of people and businesses you follow the pace at which your twitter feed updates is overwhelming. Thankfully, Twitter offers a great option to divide the people you follow into unique lists so you can better process what’s being said. Simply create unique lists based on the major categories in your business industry (competition, peers, suppliers, customers, etc.) and sort users accordingly.

4. Invite people to follow you

This step may be a familiar one for those of you on other social media networks. If you want people to follow you, ask them to. Add it to your website, post links on your Facebook page, add a Twitter icon to your print advertising, utilize a link in email marketing: make it known that you are on Twitter!

5. Engage in conversation

The foundation of all social media is community building. Utilize this marketing opportunity to have a two-way conversation with your customers, suppliers, and all others involved in the success of your business. Ask them questions, read the responses, and reply. If you can create an environment where your followers don’t only feel as if they can honestly share their opinion, but that they are being heard, you are well on your way to Twitter success.

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