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Generating Leads from Your Website: 3 Steps to Success

What has your website done for you lately?


If the question leaves you scratching your head, it may be time for your website to join your sales team. With simple enhancements, your website can begin generating leads for your business in days.


How does a website generate leads?

Many businesses start with an informational website -- an online brochure. These sites are often beautiful and informational, and make a great impression on first-time visitors.


Websites designed for generating leads are a little different. Sure, they still have to look good. The biggest difference is in what the website asks a visitor to do while they’re on the site.


If you employ sales pros or other staff whose job it is to contact potential customers to discuss products and services, each new potential customer is of value. Your website can encourage -- even incentivize -- website visitors to leave contact information so that you can start efforts to sell to that person.


What does a lead generation website do differently?

To successfully generate leads, your website has to do three main things:


1. Be seen by a lot of potential customers. If only one in ten people who visit your website will call you or make a purchase, how many people do you need to see the site every day? The answer is usually “as many as possible.” Effective promotion through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can bring in tens, hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website each day. And the more you attract, the more leads you could earn.


2. Build trust with visitors quickly. More than just “pretty,” web visitors are looking for information that easily accessible that shows them your company offers what they’re looking for. Good design is a big part of this, because it helps web visitors find what they’re looking for. Good marketing copy is also important, because it communicates the unique benefit you provide in the language your prospects are looking for.


3. Make it easy and even fun to share contact information with your business. This is often the biggest difference between lead generation success and failure. Your website must make it super easy for people to get in touch with you, by phone and online. The best websites for generating leads have simple contact forms and highly visible phone numbers. Many offer something for free in exchange for contact information -- a coupon or free report -- which provides an incentive for people to add themselves to your marketing list. And other simple tweaks can make a big difference. For instance, with one of our clients, we were able to triple the number of leads they received daily by simply adding a button in the right place on their website.


How do I start generating leads with my website?

Ask yourself these two questions:


1. What do I WANT people to do after they visit our website? Do you want them to make a purchase? Call you? Visit a location?


2. Is my website asking them to do this? What on your website is encouraging them to do business with you?


If you’re not sure how to answer either or both of these questions, BolderImage can help you identify enhancements to your website to start the leads flowing. To learn more, contact us today.

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December 19, 2011
Thanks for sharing your knowledge in this post. As we all know, very few of our potential customers will take the time to visit our offices, most of them will visit our websites. So it''s really true that we need to maintain our websites user-friendly, accessible and full of value. All the best to you!

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