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Lead Generation - What to Expect from Your Website

Would you ever hire a salesman that was unable to provide leads or pursue potential clients? Of course not--it would be a waste of resources. The same standard applies for your company’s website. You don’t create a website just to have one; you create one to connect you with potential customers. In our last post, we outlined the expectations that you might have for your website. Today, we tackle specifics: what are reasonable expectations for lead generation?

Sample Lead Generation Goals

Before you can figure out if your website is meeting your expectations, you have to know what those expectations are. Benchmarks worth noting when it come to lead generation include:

  1. a specific percentage of website visitors converted into leads,
  2. a specific number of leads per day/month/quarter, or
  3. a specific number of leads that comes from specific pages (such as a contact us page, newsletter sign up, or a request more information call to action).

So what should the benchmark be for your website? It depends on your business. Keeping in mind that websites that generate quality leads every week often take time to build, start by setting a goal that’s small but meaningful. If two leads a week means four new clients this month, it’s easy to see the benefit to your bottom line.


Whatever your goal, it has to be backed up by action. The more aggressive the goal, the more proactive your web strategy needs to be. So what kind of strategy do you need?

Developing a Website Lead Generation Strategy

Once you have your defined your goal, outline your strategy to accomplish the goal. A website that generates leads is succeeding at all of the following:

  • A design that is professional
  • Web content that connects with a visitor quickly
  • A lead generation system, like a contact form or newsletter sign-up
  • Enough visitors each week to generate a steady flow of new customers

Have you optimized your contact page, added a quick newsletter sign-up, or provided your visitors a simple way to request more information? Depending on your target audience the array of tactics you can implement is vast. Success depends on a good plan with solid execution. Then you have to ask: is it working?

Meeting Your Lead Generation Expectations Long-Term

As with any goal, you want to measure your progress. You may measure your success by contact forms received, for instance. You can also use Google Analytics or a similar tool to track your visitors’ interaction with your site, what pages the leads are coming from, and more. Monitoring these variables can help improve strategy and deliver more leads.


Once you have worked the plan for a while and seen what kind of results you’re getting, you can adapt your strategy/website to achieve (and hopefully exceed) your goals. Your lead generation could be greatly improved from a few small website tweaks, or you may need a complete redesign to attract the business that you want. The better you understand what’s working on your website and what isn’t, the easier it will be to identify potential changes. No matter what, websites that generate big results need monitoring, tweaking and updating on an ongoing basis.


What would a steady stream of web leads mean for your business? Do you know where to get started? If you’re not sure what will get you the best results for your web marketing investment, let’s talk!

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