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Meet Your Newest Sales Pro: Your Website

What's the main goal of all business websites? How do you know a business website is effective? "Effective" in your business might mean building brand awareness, inciting action, increasing ecommerce sales, etc., but you certainly have some goal for it. There are plenty of tips on how to make your website meet your expectations, but how do you track your website to see if it is measuring up?


It starts with calling your website what it is, your digital sales team. Whether you are selling products or ideas, your website is part of the sales and marketing team. It should be reviewed and managed, just like your sales team is. Here’s how:

1. Find the right skills.

When you hire a salesperson you look for specific skills - your website also needs the right attributes to succeed. This is your opportunity to build the ideal salesperson that portrays your brand, says what you want it to say, and reaches the people that are actively looking for your products/ideas.

2. Set sales goals.

Setting goals for your website is just as important as setting them for the rest of your sales team. Goals are a key factor in gauging where you are at in reaching your expectations. If you don’t have goals you lose an opportunity to push your web presence to be better and more effective. Goals allow you to work harder, plan smarter, and progress further. Don’t limit the goals to just sales numbers; set goals for visitors, leads, and visit to close ratios.

3. Measure goals.

Setting goals and measuring them go hand-in-hand. If you don’t have a measurement in place how are you going to know if you reach your goals? You can easily measure sales from ecommerce and the leads coming from the contact form on your site. Google Analytics provides a plethora of information regarding your visitors, where they are from, what pages they visited, how long they were on your site, and many other useful statistics.

4. Adjust.

If your sales team doesn't meet a goal, what do you do? Offer advice or training on how to close? Make changes to the team? Adjust the sales pitch? Do the same with your website. If it isn’t producing the leads or sales you want, make a change. Invest in making your website a better sales asset by improving your design, website structure, SEO, copywriting, and media.

As always, we exist to help your business succeed. If you need help with making your website a stronger part of your sales efforts, give us a call.

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