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Moving your corporate identity to the web: 3 keys to a smooth transition

You spent weeks crafting just the perfect brochure, and the signage in front of your building has just the right touches. If you're just getting started with a website or looking to bring an existing site up to date, this effort and energy devoted to creating a proven corporate identity can't be wasted. Your new site has to carry through the look, feel, and level of attention provided to all of your existing marketing materials.

If you worked with an ad agency or design firm and now have to bring in a web developer, it's important to get your web developer up to speed. The better information and resources you provide, the better the final outcome will reflect your existing corporate identity, and the smoother the process will go. Here are three ways to make it easy to translate your corporate identity to the web:

1. Provide a style guide. A style guide is a document that establishes the finer points of how your identity is represented in marketing and advertising materials. If you don't have one, make one by collecting information about fonts, colors, font sizes, spacing, writing style, preferred terminology, trademarks and copyrights, logos, stock photos, and more. The easier it is for your web developer to see what choices you made in establishing the look and feel of your other materials, the easier it will be to echo them on the web.

2. Provide access to your designers, marketers, and other key staff. Typically, many people are involved in creating all of the collateral that makes up your corporate identity, and many more use the documents involved every day. Each will have a different understanding of why certain choices were made and how they work for them. Allowing your web developer to direct questions straight to the source will streamline the development process and save everyone time.

3. Provide clear parameters and feedback. Let the web developer know where there's leeway, and be clear on non-negotiables. If all headers must use a specific typeface, color and weight, be clear upfront. And if you're open to changes to color scheme or layout, share that as well. A good web developer will have a lot of ideas to enhance your corporate identity online. Clear directions will help keep everyone on track towards your ideal web design.

Building a strong, compelling corporate identity online is what we do best. BolderImage is a Chicago-based web development and design company serving businesses of all sizes nationwide.To learn more about building your business brand on the web, contact us today.

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