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Multichannel marketing on the web: What you need to know

Multichannel Marketing Model for Online MarketingIn today’s mobile app and tech-savvy market, your business can’t afford to focus on a single marketing method.


multichannel marketing: using many different marketing channels to reach a customer. In this sense, a channel might be a retail store, a web site, a mail order catalogue, or direct personal communications by letter, email or text message.

Multichannel marketing is the only way to reach customers wherever they are. Your website may bring in customers, but adding additional online marketing methods will significantly broaden your reach, leading to more sales and traffic.


Multichannel marketing online is nothing new—but most businesses are just beginning to understand the importance of the concept. According to the whitepaper “Developing Effective Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies” from Banta Corporation published in 2004, businesses incorporating multichannel marketing and personalization saw increases in response rate and order conversion of 8-10x normal.


And yet, most businesses have traditionally thought of multichannel marketing as something that the big brands do. That is, until social media made it easy for brands to expand their online presence.


Why Change

Why should you consider branching out to a mobile site, email marketing or social media?

If your website is currently making sales or generating leads for your business, you’re ahead of a number of your competitors. Now, what if you could apply the same successes to connecting with millions of users of social networks and mobile devices?


As much as search engines are still a critical part of your web marketing strategy, not every web user gets their information from Google. Being visible in the forums that your potential customers frequent is more and more important to being visible in your marketplace.


Potential Channels

The choices in online channels are expanding almost daily. Currently, the most popular channels include:

  • Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Mobile websites, making your main website accessible from mobile phones
  • Mobile ads, which display primarily in mobile apps
  • Pay per click/display advertising, where you pay to have targeted audiences see a promotion for your website
  • Mobile applications, such as comparison shopping or a free trial of products
  • Expanding your current website to provide more information or greater value
  • Email marketing


Each of these has unique benefits, but all have the capability to help expand your business.

The good news is that multichannel marketing doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. Think about the resources you already have – content, customers, talent and more – and how they can be leveraged to get in front of an entirely new audience.

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