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Optimize your contact page for more leads

Not pleased with the amount of leads you currently get? You may want to update your contact page to ensure the best response. Most websites have a fairly simple contact page or just an email address and phone number, but with just a few tweaks, you can increase the number of people who contact you each week.

1. Give a call to action.

Telling readers what to do is often underestimated. A single line telling them to contact you today for a free estimate can do wonders for boosting the number of leads you receive. Don't limit this to the actual contact page, either; anywhere you link to the contact page can include a call to action.

2. Keep it simple.

Have you ever gone to fill out a form and discovered that it's three pages long and all you wanted to do was ask a quick question? Then you know how likely it is that people will click away from a long form. If you're using a form, make sure you keep it short and sweet. The ideal would be to require just a name, email and the message.

3. Test different layouts.

It takes a little extra work, but trying two different layouts for the contact page can show you what works best. Don't just assume you know what your readers want, make sure you actually test it out.

4. Give them a reason to contact you.

While some people will write to ask for more information or to ask a specific question, you can greatly increase the number of responses you get by offering a free report or a discount for contacting your company. Nearly every business model lends itself to some sort of reward and this can be a fun way to gain leads.

5. Add graphics.

A big arrow pointing to the contact form can be eye catching, but it's not the only way to get people to pay attention when they click through to the contact page. Add graphics that link to your social media channels on this page to offer visitors other ways to reach you.

All of these are great methods for optimizing your contact page, but keep in mind, great content throughout your website is what will really make people want to communicate with you.

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