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Social Media What Not to Do

We’ve explained what social media is and why it’s important.  We’ve explained differences between  platforms. We’ve even explained the analytics so you can measure how you’re doing. What we have yet to touch on is the “what not to do” of social media.

Here goes:


Do not…

…Join every network you can find. You wouldn’t throw resources blindly at traditional marketing so don’t do it with social media marketing either. All social platforms are not created equal. You’ve spent effort to determine who your target market is; take your strategy a step further and find what social networks they participate in the most then focus on those.

…Let just anyone post. Remember that once something is published on the Internet, it is published for good. Make sure that whoever you deem the social media guru at your company (or if you outsource the position), understands the strategy and is capable of effectively implementing the plan.

…Approach social media like a sales pitch. This is one of the most stressed points of social media marketing; people are active on social networks to engage, not to hear sales pitches. Throw a sales pitch in their direction and they will “unlike” you as fast as they hit fast-forward on their TiVo. You will find positive results by focusing on providing relevant information your audience will enjoy and by building relationships.

…Engage without tracking your investment. That is, unless you don’t want to know how your efforts are benefitting you. No matter your level of involvement in social media marketing, invest some time to set goals and analyze how you are doing. This way you can evolve your efforts to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

…Ignore what your following is saying.  One of the biggest benefits of social media is that you have two-way communication with your target audience. When they take the time to share how they feel about your brand and products, don’t just write them off. Use the opportunity as a means to build a relationship with them (AKA brand loyalty).

Avoiding these five things won’t necessarily improve your standing in the social networking realm, but making these mistakes could prove very detrimental to your business. If you want to see a positive ROI, establish a strategy and stick to it, assign your social media efforts to a specific employee or team who understands the strategy, engage and learn from your audience, measure the results, and adapt accordingly to reap the long-term benefits of your investment!

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