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The Website ROI Factor

In the current economy business owners are looking at their budgets and doing everything they can to ensure that every dollar being spent is returning an ROI. A website can be one of the greatest ROIs for any business. Below are some factors that could be true in leveraging your website as an ROI.

The web typically allows for a larger geographical coverage increasing the potential customer base.

  • Through search engine optimization and search engine marketing the web allows you to market outside of your local market very cost effectively. The web can also make a company look bigger than they actually are.
  • If implemented properly the web can be the cheapest form of advertising.
  • Social media and blogging properly can lead to incredible page rank and overall SEO for any site. Cost to setup a blog = zero, cost to sign up for Facebook and twitter = zero. What its costing you not to be leveraging these effectively? I recommend getting rolling and not having to answer that question.
  • A good website can increase closing ratios and set customers at ease to solidify a first impression.
  • A good looking website affirms an effective first meeting with a client, it re-enforces a good first phone call you made or an email introduction. A bad website costs your thousands. If potential customers see your website, does it instill trust? Or doubt? Because it does one of the two every time.
  • Your website can increase two-way communication with your clients.
  • By utilizing blogs, forums, polls, surveys and chats companies are able to connect with clients like never before. The question is are you taking advantage of it.

I recommend developing a business plan for your website just as if you were looking at your stock portfolio. If you do treat it with the same mentality you are sure to create one of the best ROIs available.

- BolderImage Web Design

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