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3 Unique Strategies for Your Mobile Website

With millions of potential customers using mobile devices to research and buy, a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever. A mobile website is designed specifically for mobile-sized screens and makes it easy to find and access key information.


But a mobile website doesn’t have to—and often shouldn’t—stop at a carbon copy of your primary site. Mobile web provides an opportunity to embrace new strategy and provide a completely different experience geared specifically for mobile users. Here are three ways to look at your mobile web strategy to drive big business.

Strategy 1: Promotions

Many users search for coupons, discounts or new products while on the go. The quickest way for a business to reach these users is with mobile promotions.


Recently, Crocs offered a 15% discount coupon via text message which they promoted via in-store signs. In two months, they received 94,000 requests for the coupon. The campaign drove sales through an instant in-store savings, and helped Crocs begin to engage with their customers through mobile technology.


A simpler approach might be to prominently feature special coupons, a calendar of upcoming promotions or sale information as the focus of a mobile website.

Strategy 2: Offer The Essentials

While your website may offer up thousands of pages of useful information and products, a mobile site may be better off focusing on certain information that mobile users are seeking.


For instance, Hyundai has a beautiful, dynamic website with a lot of information for potential Hyundai drivers. But that rich experience doesn’t translate easily to the mobile web. Instead, Hyundai has focused its mobile web experience on the two main things that mobile users might look for – a local dealership, and info/photos on current models.


If you point your mobile device to, you’ll see this stripped-down but effective approach. There’s a simple link to locate dealerships at the top of the page, and images of all current models by category on the main page. Users looking for a quick answer get what they need. For deeper research, they’re likely to wait until they get to a computer.

Strategy 3: Become A Trusted Source

A business that offers information on the go has an advantage in becoming the first stop for information on products, industries and more. Providing a catalog of information in a mobile format as well as on the website can more than double your audience.


If you attract customers through top-notch web content, your readership will grow by placing that content in as many formats as possible for easy access. Luckily, blog platforms can make it simple to host content on your website, while promoting it in social media, RSS, and of course, your mobile website.


Does your business have a mobile website? How do you use it? What will you try this year?

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