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5 Ways an iPhone App Developer Can Make Your Business Money

Is it time to take your business mobile? A good iPhone developer can take your existing marketing and make it more interactive, more personalized, and more relevant to your customer's lives. But the real reason most companies engage an iPhone app developer is to make money. Here are five ways that iPhone developers can create profit for your business:
1. Revenue from application sales. Perhaps the first line of profit with a mobile application is the revenue gained from the sale of the application itself. iPhone developers are launching huge numbers of high quality, useful, entertaining applications that sell through the App Store from $.99 up to $900 per download. With millions of app downloads to date (statistics show the average app is downloaded around 25,000 times) there's some clear revenue potential. But huge numbers of apps remain free. Why? Read on for some even more compelling opportunities for revenue.

2. Mobile service-as-product. How much might your customers pay to have personalized assistance on the go? From reviews of products, to tech support, to streaming information, being able to access key information or services from the road or the soccer field sidelines can be big value to your customers. iPhone developers work with you to look at what aspects of your business can go mobile, and how to make the most of it for your business.

3. Access to your customer when and where they're ready to buy. A recent Ruder Finn study shows that giving the public access to your product, service or cause can make a big impact in their likelihood of embracing your offer. Part of the reason? The ability to to be productive away from the desk. If your customers make a decision to buy while they're in the dentist's waiting room, wouldn't you like for them to be able to purchase then and there?  iPhone developers deliver innovative approaches to keeping your business in front of your customers, wherever they may be.

4. Reward customers for engaging with you. More interactive than your typical rewards card, an mobile app is an interactive platform for allowing frequent customers to earn points and redeem rewards such as coupons or free merchandise. An iPhone app developer can work with you to create a solution to help your customers find you, buy from you, and provide incentives to do business with you over and over again.

5. Introduce your products to new markets. Offer a product or service that is as-of-yet unknown to your target audience? Get an app in front of the right eyeballs, and you'll have a natural platform for sharing more information about your business. A great iPhone app developer can help you find a concept that will grow your audience exponentially, and educate them on the benefits of your offering.

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