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Apple Counts Down to 10,000,000,000 Downloads

The countdown is on.  Apple is giving away a prize to the person who downloads the ten billionth app.  At the rate the clock is ticking–-that download might take place this week.


iPad app development

Think about that for a moment.  TEN BILLION downloads.  With that undeniable level of popularity, mobile apps are something that most organizations simply cannot ignore.  People will soon be consuming as much information on their mobile devices as on their computers.  Is this an avenue you should be targeting to get your company’s message out?  It’s probably true:  if you aren’t aware of how mobile applications can or will impact your specific market, your competitor likely is.
Get into the game now; you’ll be surprised by the many methods to utilize mobile apps.  And who knows, YOUR app might just be the 11 Billionth download! 

- Dave Gruen
VP, Consulting

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