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Automate Your Workforce with iPhone

In the current economy we hear a constant message from our client base.  The message is one of seeking value.  They want to see a greater measurable return on investment than ever before.  We of course always listen.  Today we are going to give you an idea on how you can increase productivity by utilizing the iPhone (or other smart phones) as a management tool.

What are some business needs that can be tracked and automated through the development of an iPhone Application?

  • PlanPlanning the routing and logistics of a field service or delivery team-  Do you have a field service team?  How many people are on your staff?  Is it 10, 20, 100?  What if you were able to reroute a service technician from one service call to an emergency service call without spending 20 minutes on the phone disceminating directions and details for the call?  What if you were able to provide directions to the next call along with specific call related notes?  The result would most certainly be increased productity, a strenthened relationship with the client due to a heightened sense of communication within your organization, less time on the road where your paying for travel instead of billing time.  This is a sure fire return on investment waiting to happen.  What if you were able to integrate this into your existing service management or project management software.


  • This can also apply to delivery franchise owners.  Need to ensure food from store to door is as short as possible.  Why not track your fleet to lower  the ammount of time per delivery which increases the deliveries per driver and lowers your costs as an owner.

These are just a few items that focus on productivity caused through the proper implementation of technology.  The upcoming release of the iPad is something to watch out for a well.  It’s a game changer.


- BolderImage Mobile Development

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