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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

More than 50% of mobile phones are predicted to be web-enabled smartphones by the end of this year. This means customers can connect with you no matter where they are. Are you ready for this opportunity?

Now is a good time to check: find the nearest smartphone and point the browser to your website.


What do you see?

Can you read the text without zooming?

Can you easily find contact information?

Can you navigate without pushing the wrong button?


These are just a few of the challenges that mobile web users are up against, and keep them from making purchases or learning more about your business. The good news is that in most cases, an existing website can be formatted for the mobile web simply and affordably. Let's look at the difference:



Adapting a website for mobile users allows for easier reading, longer time on site and more repeat visits -- all of which are important for your web success.

Ready to connect with millions of mobile users? Reply to this email or contact us to beat your competitors to the mobile marketplace.


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