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Mobile CRM

This week is all about productivity. We know that sometimes you just want to play a game on your phone, or find an application that allows you to listen to your favorite radio station. Thats not this article though. Today we are going to get more into pure horsepower productivity for sales professionals. One of the easiest ways to increase your sales performance is to prioritize your time to ensure you are only working on qualified opportunities. This was one of the original driving forces behind the CRM industry. A CRM (customer relationship manager) can be used to keep your clients information organized and you on your toes. Lets just assume you are already using a CRM such as a SalesForce or GoldMine; the number one reason why a CRM isnt successfully implemented into an organizations sales force is the members of the sales team do not keep up with the data entry (guilt as charged).

So what is the biggest reason for leads, contacts and opportunities not being kept up? Five years ago you could probably have blamed technology and most applications sloppy user interfaces. Today most CRMs are intuitive and easy to use. So why are they not better utilized? The answer is, the lack of patience for a sales person to sit at a desk and type. Now with smart phones that is not an issue. There are several CRMs available for the iPhone that give you the ability to manage and update your pipeline from your phone where ever you are. 3G plus smart phone = an advantage for smart sales teams.

You can also have a custom program built just for you, which is not a bad idea.

Every business is different and so is every CRM.

- BolderImage Mobile Development

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