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Mobile Development

Over the next few days we are going to provide an idea a day.  Each day we will provide an idea for a mobile application and how it can improve productivity in a business.  Some of the ideas may already exist, some may not.  Our goal is to develop a sense of awareness to what Mobile Development can do for you and your business.


Idea #1- Mobile E-store:  You may have an E-store already and also might have spent years figuring out how to generate the business online that you originally set out for, maybe you're not there yet.  Maybe you've spent countless hours figuring out how to get the highest ROI with Adwords and after you accomplished that you had to learn how to develop effective landing pages. You have probably fought the battle of content as well, not knowing the fine line between search engine friendly content and spamming keywords.  Now you are dealing with trying to figure out how Social Media fits into your marketing plan, which is a whole different blog in itself. Outside all the things you've learned and tried to learn, mobile applications are a gimmie.


Want a simple way to generate more sales online?  Of course you do, silly question.  Try a mobile e-store.  You can have an application built to integrate with your existing estore on many mobile platforms including iPhone and Droid.  Another way to go would be to develop a version of your existing e-store that is simplified and renders in a mobile environment.  You can still take advantage of analytics and your normal credit card processing options, but you also get the added audience that a Droid or Iphone bring to the table.  Ask yourself a few questions.


1) Do I sell a product that my customer would buy from a phone?


  • Do your customers know your product well enough that when they reorder they do not need a lot of hand holding.
  • Can I explain my product quickly and effectively so someone would make a purchase after a short video or explanation.
  • Is my product a commodity or a value- Be honest here, all business owners try to make their commodities valuable.  Mobile development allows your commodities to be commodities that people can find faster.

2) Is the ROI there?


  • What is your current marketing budget for the products or services that you are selling?  Run the numbers.  Prices for Mobile Application E-stores can range from $3,000-$50,000 depending on the customization you are seeking, but the access to the audience in the iPhone Appstore and the Droid Marketplace may be worth it.  Contact a developer and run some numbers.  I think you'll find an ROI in the majority of cases.

3) Are my customers tech savvy? 



  • Will your customers do business with you in a mobile development?  don't guess, ask! setup a poll on your website or take an email poll.


4) Is my competition there yet?


  • If your competition isn't there yet it doesn't mean that it won't work, it means that you have a window of opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition.


- BolderImage Mobile Development

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