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Wordpress for iPhone

We are going to continue to dive into different ways that smart phones can be utilized to increase your productivity in life. Many of you may already be familiar with Wordpress, and if you are not familiar with Wordpress we are going to assume most people reading this understand content management systems to some extent. content management systems give you the ability to simply edit on-page content of an individual page without having to edit the html code directly.


The Content Management System (or CMS) revolutionized website administration, giving business owners and non tech people the ability to control more of their business that would normally require a special skill set. In the past few years CMS systems have been a contributing factor to the lowering of costs in web development. CMS systems have also been a huge factor in increasing the return on investment (ROI) of a website by decreasing the time required to manage a site. To simplify things, the CMS was good for business. Jump ahead a few years... Today we are even further down the technology road. Mobile application development has become a part of most of our lives.


Everyone we know at least knows someone with an iPhone, Blackberry or Droid and the phones themselves have reached all time lows for costs. So this leads us to a question, what if you could increase your productivity in web management the same degree as when the CMS was introduced? What if you could do more in less time and allow yourself to spend more time with the people you would like to spend more time with.


In comes Wordpress for iPhone. Many organizations are utilizing the WordPress blogging engine as the content management system for their website now. It is an open source solution that has a community of developers that continuously develop new features and widgets for the code-base and most of them are free. Companies only incur the cost of the labor involved in setting it up and configuring it. Here is how times change...


WordPress has a FREE iPhone application which allows you to create and edit pages on your website from your mobile phone. You can produce entire pages of content like never before. So I give you the top 10 places people are most likely to be while creating content where they couldn't in the past:


10. At a family gathering

9. On a spin bike at the gym while working out

8. In your car while driving (not recommended for saftey purposes)

7. In the grocery store while waiting to check out of the 1 lane this is open.

6. In the boring conference call at work

5. Waiting for your flight to arrive

4. Waiting on the side of the road for your ticket because you were writing content while driving (inside joke for Chicago folks) 3. While eating dinner at a restaurant (not recommended if on a date or with your wife

2. while at a sporting event

1. Submit your ideas and your idea could be # 1......

- BolderImage Mobile Development

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