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Increase the Impact of SEO

Search Engine Optimization TipsThe world of online marketing is full of buzzwords that have a lot of companies in a tizzy:     SEO, social media, content marketing, SEM, blogging...the list goes on and on. How do we best utilize our marketing dollars? Are they all separate tasks or do they overlap? Does success in one impact the others? Where should we start? What’s the next step?


Maybe you find yourself overwhelmed with all of this SEO stuff. Or maybe you ready and raring to tackle your online marketing. No matter where you are at, keep the following tips in mind if you want your efforts to complement one another and if you want to get the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

1. One strategy, many elements.

Look at all the various pieces of online marketing as a whole. You don’t have an SEO strategy, a social media strategy, and a website development strategy - you have an online marketing strategy that includes SEO, social media, website development, etc. When you look at them as a whole rather than individual pieces, you can capitalize on how they overlap.

2. Quality website design.

In essence, your website is a member of your sales team. A lot of people will be first introduced to your business through your website, they will learn about your products via your website, and often make purchases directly from your website. It doesn't make sense for you to funnel all of your best leads to your worst personal salesman nor does it make sense to funnel all of your online leads to a website that can’t make the sale.

3. Easy to share content.

This is a two step process: 1) make the content something that your visitors will want to share and 2) make it logistically easy for them to share. Develop an interesting blog, impressive product pages, interactive social network profiles, and/or videos that people enjoy reaching/watching. Then share the content to your networks and invite your viewers to do the same by including social media icons that make sharing as easy as clicking the Twitter or Facebook icon.


Where are you in developing your company’s SEO efforts? Are you ready to dive in? If you need help along the way, we’re here to help.

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