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Patience is The Key to Web Success

Most companies are not successful in accomplishing much through their website for one main reason. That reason is a lack of patience. They arent willing to invest the time to do what is necessary long enough to reap the rewards of a quality website. Your website is a lot like a Doctor, it has to go to school and practice for a while before it gains any credibility and can become an authority in its desired area of expertise. That being said we find that some companies fail to have patience because they fail to plan in the first place. A good website with good Search Engine Optimization can be a great lead generation tool. However it takes longer than most companies are willing to invest to get to this point. Here are some basic thoughts to include in a long-term web strategy for your company.

1. Have a plan- you should have quarterly goals for the performance of the website for at least a three year period of time. Goals are set with the purpose of being reached, so start with lower and easily accomplishable goals and build up to more aggressive goals. Goals are also going to change. As your organization changes its marketing strategy overtime your web strategy should change as well. Learn to develop synergy between your site and your overall marketing strategy.

2. Leave room for failure- It's an old leadership strategy that is very applicable to your web strategy. You must expect some conflict or failure. With SEO your conflict is search engines. If Google were predictable SEO would be much easier, but when you expect the unexpected you will automatically be persistent in achieving your goals long-term.

3. Create a web culture- there are a lot of goals that can be accomplished through work that can be completed by your staff. If your company doesnt understand the long-term benefit that SEO can bring for your site they will not passionately participate, and without passion your results will be limited.

4. Go the extra mile- when you think you've done enough to SEO your site, do more. Write another blog article, create more valuable content for your site or even find more pictures to add. You can always do more, because your competitor will.

- BolderImage Web Development

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