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Proper Keyword Selection for SEO

Proper Keyword Selection for SEO

Many organizations have a disconnect between their print presence and their web presence. We find that many companies simply cut and paste print content to their website in the name of “getting the website up”. This can be detrimental to your organization’s goals in many ways; specifically your Search Engine Optimization. Print material is developed to deliver a “catchy” message that sounds good and to encourage an action from the reader. Web content is similar with an added dynamic; the content will actually draw people to the site if implemented properly. This is known as “Proper Key Word Selection”.

Proper Key Word Selection

When selecting a key word or key phrase, you should have clearly defined goals for your website. These goals could be:

  • Who are we trying to reach?
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Position in an organization if B2B
  • What are we trying to get them to do?
    • Do we want to inform?
    • Do we want them to contact us?
    • Do we want to sell?
    • Do we want to create a community?

Once this information is identified the next step is to develop a preliminary list of key phrases. These phrases should not be too general. For example, a car dealership should not try to optimize under the phrase “car”, but the phrase “car dealership in Chicago Illinois”, or “Chicago Chevy Dealership”. This technique will allow you to drive traffic to your site without having to do as much work.

After completing the list of initial key phrases a web professional can help you narrow the list. The professional will take your list of words and use a tool (there are several available online) to determine which phrases are searched within major search engines, and which ones are not. We often find that a site owner is shocked by the phrases that are not searched within search engines. The final list could be up to 30 phrases depending upon the diversity of your products and services. Next, it’s time to implement the phrases into your site to complete the “key word” portion of optimization. For additional information on SEO visit…

- Brad McCrory
Account Executive

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