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Web traffic: 3 ways to attract customers to your website

The old adage about the horse and water spells good news for businesses with websites -- you can lead new customers to your website. In fact, there are a few tried and true methods to do it. If you have a business website, putting any or all of these strategies into play can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

When a business has a good website, but isn’t seeing the payoff in scores of new customers, the volume of traffic is almost always the issue.

Is it time to start connecting with new potential customers? We’ve developed some new offerings to help you drive traffic to your website, and there’s a solution for every budget. Let’s look at the options:


Web Advertising

First up is the quick, easy route to instant web traffic -- web advertising. Through any of a number of options, you create advertising that, when clicked, leads visitors to your website. If you use this method, it’s critical that you run a good, targeted advertisement to maximize the chances that the person who sees your ad clicks on it and then makes a purchase. Many companies waste money on bad ads that don’t perform.

We take a strategic approach, identifying the best ways for buyers to find you while spending the least amount of money. We can design an advertising campaign, manage it and monitor results each month in order to make sure that every ad placed is achieving the results you expect, and that you’re getting the most from your advertising dollar.

Paid advertising only reaches a portion of web users. To get the mainstream web visitor to visit your site, you’ll have to be listed on the first page in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing when the buyer is looking for you. This is referred to as “organic search.” Good organic search visibility takes strategy, planning and tracking. So let’s look at some of the options to increase your ranking in organic search.


Link Building

Link building
is another way to improve your search engine results. Google, Yahoo! and Bing all judge the credibility of your website at least partially by how many other websites link to it. Building the number of quality links to your site will improve your search engine rankings. This is a fairly low cost option and can deliver results in a few weeks with the potential to continue to attract traffic for months to come. BolderImage uses a combination of methods to get many high quality links to your website in a relatively short time. By carefully choosing how these links are created, we can drive customers directly to specific products or services, to make sure that you’re capturing every possible sales opportunity.


Content Development

Right now a huge trend is content development. You’ve probably heard of the popularity of blogging and social media to promote your business, but content can be as simple as good web copy -- ensuring the words on every page of your site not only promote your products and services but also help the search engines find them. The more quality content that you can develop for your site, the better your site will rank. Plus, good content is more likely to be shared, so you have greater opportunity for people to link to your site or refer you to others. BolderImage offers both search engine optimization of existing web pages as well as the creating of new, search engine friendly web content, to ensure your company is always providing fresh, engaging content to its customers. Whether that content is shared through blogging, social media, social PR, or other platforms, BolderImage can develop a strategy that works for your business and connects with your customers.

Where to start?

We can provide your business a complete strategy for attracting more customers online. Contact us today to learn more about bringing more visitors to your website, and more money into your business.

- BolderImage

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