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Adding a Flickr Slide Show to Your Website

Flickr is a mostly free and very popular photo sharing service with very a very powerful feature set.  It has a large and growing community where people share photos with other members in the community.  If you have a website, Flickr can be a nice tool for you to upload, manage and share your images.

Signing up for Flickr is easy and free.  By creating an account you can then start up upload your photos from your local computer up to Flickr.  Once photos have been uploaded, they can be tagged and organized into sets.  Flickr offers a nice drag and drop feature for sorting and organizing your online photos.

Once you have a set, you can create a slideshow.  If you have a web content management system, you can easily embed this Flickr slideshow into a page on the site.  Simply go into the set and click on the SLIDESHOW option.  Click on SHARE and select COPY TO CLIPBOARD under GRAB THE EMBED HTML.  Next, go to your website and in the content management system, create a new page, switch to the HTML view and paste the code.  Save the page and now you have a great slideshow right within your website.


Below is an example of a quick slide show that was created from a few web sites we developed recently:


If you tag your images properly, it will allow other people who use Flickr to discover your photos and then discover your organization.  It’s a great way to easily organize your images… AND reach out to a new audience.

- Dave Gruen
Senior Vice-President, Consulting Division

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