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Facebook as a Business Tool

If you are older than thirty you may not be on board with the whole “Facebook thing”. My recommendation, get on board. Facebook is a great way to energize your customer base (which is increasingly more tech savvy everyday). There are several aspects of Facebook that just aren't for teens anymore. Here are two ways to effectively utilize Facebook.

  1. Create a fan page- Take the time to create a fan page. This will allow you to connect with your customers that are currently using Facebook. A fan page allows you to leave notes (blog), add video, add calendar events, update your clientele and inform people about your industry and what you do. I recommend updating this page daily. When you add new items to the page your fans will occasionally get an update in their news feed, but you can also send your fans an update as well. The key here is balance. I recommend keeping in touch without being annoying.
  2. Advertise on Facebook- Facebook advertising is a cost effective way to target your potential clients, or to just increase brand presence. It is very affordable compared to many other forms of PPC advertising, many times only .30-.50 cents per click. Facebook advertising allows you to target a very specific audience to ensure the proper traffic.

Some tips for success

  • Update your Facebook effort often- If you’re using a fan page change the content frequently. If you are advertising, mix up your campaign weekly. A variation in your ad within a small-targeted group is a great approach.

  • Don’t be “salesy”- Create a “want” for your audience to take action, but understand that people do not want to be sold anything. They want to be able to find the information for themselves and make a pressure-free educated-decision on a product or service.

In closing, there are several Social Media opportunities that will help you grow your business. I find that Facebook is underutilized for the potential return. Your clients use it, trust me.

- Brad McCrory
Account Executive

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