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Google+ Now Offers Business Pages

With the introduction of Google+ came a lot of buzz about whether or not the search engine giant had developed a social media network that would bump Facebook down from its number one spot. In the early stages of Google+ the focus was on connecting people to people, rather than people to businesses. This focus made businesses hold tight to their Facebook fan pages – but the tables may be turning. This increasingly heated rivalry just became hotter with the launch of Google+ Pages.
There are several aspects of these two networks that are very comparable, but Google+ offers a point of differentiation that Facebook isn’t able to: integration with Google Apps and the number one search engine (account for 65% of searches). With this integration comes a myriad of benefits.


Direct Connect: By simply adding a “+” sign before a keyword search in Google will bring up related Google+ pages. While Facebook content is becoming increasingly more public, Google's integration represents a clear advantage for visibility.


SEO: Product Management Director Dennis Troper released a statement indicating that all of the +1’s you receive from your brand page, website, and search results will be added up and displayed accordingly in search results. This extends the reach to not only the 40 million Google+ users, but all those that use Google as a search engine.

Richer Streams: Google+ is shaping into the social network of business connections as many professionals are beginning to choose it over Facebook. The streams are less cluttered with personal messages and multimedia and include a richer source of business related content. The communication from Google pages will fall amidst a population that is eager for connections with businesses.

Updates: Over the next few weeks expect Google to be making some updates and releasing new features to accommodate the requests of those already using the new business pages.

Of course you can’t ignore the 800 million (and still growing) Facebook users and the already well established fan pages. However, Google+ is becoming a fierce competitor and deserves consideration in the development of your social media strategy.

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