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How to Blog Effectively

How to Blog EffectivelyIf you’ve started blogging and are wondering what’s next, you’re not alone. In fact, you are probably in the majority. Businesses often begin their blogging efforts with high expectations of attracting new customers and building relationships, but they often become discouraged when they realize they aren’t sure how to make their blog deliver the way they envisioned it would. Take a look at the following questions to develop the information you need to create an effective blogging strategy.


What is your primary goal? Goal setting is important in nearly all aspects of life, especially business. Without a goal it is as if you are wandering aimlessly, hoping to reach success without knowing what it looks like. Is your main goal to improve search engine rankings? Sharing how-to’s with your clientele? Sharing news with your community? Increasing traffic to earn revenue from affiliate marketing? No matter what your primary goal is, make sure the answers to the following questions align with it.


Who are you blogging for? Your target audience will play a big role in how you approach blogging. Are you writing to current customers? What about to your website visitors in an effort to convert them to customers? Are you writing solely to inform or to entertain?


What “voice” will you have? Once you define your goals and audience you can develop your “voice” to most effectively reach your goals and appeal to your audience. Keep in mind that different audiences will react to different styles of writing. Maybe they are looking for very technical, scholarly articles for research purposes. Maybe they are looking to you for entertainment and would like a light, funny commentary on celebrity gossip.


How often are you going to post? You can find a wide array of opinions on how often you should blog. The truth is this also depends on your goals and audience. If you are a news station, blogging more frequently would be in your best interest. But, if you are a medical researcher writing to a very small niche, there might not be adequate content available or demand to blog multiple times a day. Determine a frequency based on content availability and audience expectations once you have analyzed your goals and target audience.  

As soon as you have developed your blogging strategy, be sure to measure your results and adjust your techniques to effectively reach your goals. With the speed at which technology is changing it will be important to examine your strategy and how well you are progressing towards your goals. Don’t be afraid to adapt as blogging trends evolve!

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