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Small Business and Social Media

Social media is revolutionizing communication everywhere, and the business world is no exception.


Maybe you have tested the Facebook or Google+ waters but you are not sure it is for you. Or maybe you have shied away from social media all together. No matter what your situation is the statistics do show an upward trend of small business’ involvement in social media. It is no longer a question of whether or not social media will “catch on” but rather if you are going to get on board and reap the benefits. 


A survey of small business owners was recently conducted and the results indicate an increasing adoption rate of social media in small business as well as a higher recognition of the benefits of social media. A few of the study’s key findings include:

  • More small businesses are using social media than ever before; 81 percent of survey respondents indicated using social media (an increase of eight percent from spring 2011).
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn take the top three spots in the networks of choice for small businesses, respectively.
  • Small businesses aren’t just present on social media; they are active, too. Nearly 60 percent of participants respond to every comment they receive.
  • Social Media is seen as a complementary tactic to current marketing efforts rather than a stand-alone tool by 65 percent of the respondents. It is most often coupled with websites (98 percent), email marketing (95 percent), online advertising (66 percent), and event marketing (55 percent).
  • Small business owners still value face-to-face meetings and are using social media as a medium to initiate these relationships. Sixty-two percent of business owners still plan to host events in an effort to develop face-to-face relationships.


In another social media research study small business owners outlined the benefits they noticed from their social media involvement: 88 percent found that social media generated exposure for their business, 72 percent saw increased traffick/subscribers, 62 percent noticed an improvement in search rankings, and over half of the respondents developed new business partnerships (56 percent) and/or generated new leads (51 percent).  


The benefits of social media are real and often times tangible. If you are ready to pursue social media (or looking to amp up your efforts) but aren’t sure where to start, we would love for you to contact us.

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