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5 Reasons to Upgrade to Mac OS X Lion

While Microsoft tends to change the design of their Windows operating system with every release, Apple has spent their time over the last ten years tweaking the OS X operating system and offering new features on top of a now expected interface.  Using their recent experience with the iPad and iPad 2, Apple has decided to bring some of the feature set from iOS into OS X Lion.  Here are some of the features we feel are more than worth the upgrade


Either you love it or you hate it.  iOS users have lots of experience dealing with autocorrect and now it is available on the Mac. 


The word "cloud" is today’s buzz word in the IT industry, and for good reason.  You may have never thought about it, but if you are using iTunes, Gmail, Salesforce or most other services hosted on the Internet, you are already using the cloud.  With yesterday’s 10.7.2 software update, the Mac is now in the cloud.  Like MobileMe before it, you can now take advantage of Apple’s free iCloud service, which will back up your contacts, documents, bookmarks, music and more into the cloud and make them available to any iOS device you own.

Full Screen Mode

iPad users are already familiar with running their apps in full screen mode, as that’s the only mode available for iPad.  Bringing the full screen feature to the Mac, you can now have your apps enter a full screen mode, moving the dock, Apple bar and any other distractions from the screen.  I’m actually using it right now to work on this article, as otherwise I would have instant messages, email and many other distractions up on the screen.  Beyond removing distractions, it also provides an overall better feel to some apps.  Having a full screen of tracks to mix in Garageband or working on your photo galleries in iPhoto is a much more pleasant experience and takes advantage of the extra inch or two of screen real estate, which is very helpful if you are working on a smaller laptop screen.

The Cost

Your average Microsoft Windows release is a minimum $100 investment and usually much more than that when you factor in the different pricing models, any required software upgrades and IT hours committed to the upgrade.  With Lion, you can download the installer direct from the App Store for the low, low price of $29.  Apple has a different approach in regards to their operating system.  They are providing the platform for a low cost and directing you to their App Store for all your app needs.

Lion Server

Let’s talk about pricing again.  Without taking hardware into account, a Windows 2008 server will cost you hundreds of dollars and an admin to run it.  Lion Server is a $49.99 add-on to OS X Lion available from the App Store that allows you to run your own mail server, file server, web server, calendar server, wiki server and more at the click of a button.  If your company is looking for an experience like Exchange or Google Apps but want to keep the costs low and the server in house with as little system administration as possible, look no further than Lion Server.


Do you need help upgrading your equipment or upgrading your OS to Mac OS X Lion? Interested in having your own Lion Server for your company?  BolderImage IT Services division can help!  Contact us at or call 630-915-5619 today!

- Matt Stone
Network Administrator

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