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Reach potential clients through RSS - Part 2

With RSS feeds, you can push your content to more than just a customizable Google or Yahoo page. Users of Google Desktop can also easily take advantage of RSS feeds.

In the example to the left, a Google Desktop user can subscribe to multiple RSS feeds that will automatically get updated when you distribute new news.

They don’t have to come looking to your website for the latest product announcements, latest information about your company or the latest blog post – it comes to them.

Mobile users can easily set their devices to subscribe to your RSS feeds. This is a great way to reach people on the go.



Remember -- the goal is to get people coming back to your site. If you are going to syndicate your information, make sure it is updated on a regular basis. RSS feeds that don’t update on a frequent basis will get dropped by users in favor of ones that do update frequently.

If you already have a dynamic news, product or blog section, adding an RSS version of it is pretty technologically straight forward. Give BolderImage a call and we can help you add RSS feeds to your site.

At BolderImage Web Design, we use RSS technology to syndicate our news and blog. If your competition isn’t already using this technology, they will be shortly. Stay in touch with your customer base before your competition does.

- Dave Gruen
Senior Vice-President, Consulting Division

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