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4 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Of all of the expectations businesses have for their websites, there is one that they all have in common. So what is it? To increase sales. After all, isn’t that why businesses invest in marketing and advertising? It is great for people to know your brand, but ultimately you want them to buy something, right?


While there are several ways in which a website can be used to increase company sales, let’s focus specifically on sales generated from ecommerce sites. Compare your ecommerce site to the following tips, adapt as needed, and watch your sales goals come within your grasp.

Detailed Product Info:

Because your visitors are not able to hold the product in their hand, read the box, or ask a nearby sales associate as they would be able to do in a brick and mortar store, they rely on detailed product information. Include all of the applicable product information (features, product and technical specifications, size, price, etc.) to ensure the customer the product is what they are looking for.

Checkout Process:

Hesitations about entering credit card numbers online is one of the biggest blocks to making a sale online. With the widespread concern about credit card security consumers are hesitant with sharing payment information. It is crucial to align your site with trusted payment gateways (, Payfuse, PaymentTech, PayPal, etc.) to ensure the consumers they can be confident in making the purchase.

Site Search Engine:

Ecommerce stores have the ability to showcase hundreds of thousands of products. A good navigation will help ease the burden of searching through so many products, but there are always exceptions. For example, if I am looking for a work-out DVD do I look in electronics at the DVDs or in the health and fitness category? A site search engine makes it easy for people to find the products they are looking for without having to manually search through each product category.

Alternative Products:

There are two big benefits of listing alternative products on your ecommerce site. First, it gives your visitor shopping options. If they aren’t sure exactly what they are looking for your suggestions could help them find what they want. Second, it’s a great up-sell tool. For example, if you are clothing store, when a visitor is looking through shirts you can suggest pants or jewelry that matches. Is your ecommerce website ready for some updates? Let us know, we would love to help!

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