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Does Your Website Meet Your Expectations

With the speed at which trends are changing and capabilities are evolving in web design and development there are several benefits of redesigning a site. In fact, there are very few websites that have not had at least minor redesigns. Whether it includes fixing problems, optimizing for more leads, or aesthetic updates, nearly every company can benefit from a redesign. To determine if your site is ready to be updated, ask yourself: "Does my website meet all of my goals and effectively share the message of my brand to my visitors?" Before we get to your answer, let’s review some common goals for websites:

Lead Generation:

There are several features that can be implemented into a website that will connect you with potential customers. If your site is not providing you quality leads you may want to consider adding lead generating elements that will help you reach your goal.


A basic marketing best practice is to have all of your company’s communications integrated with one another. Everything from your letterhead, to commercials, to your website should be consistent with your brand image and message. A lack of clarity in branding will lead to confusion and hinder loyalty.


Websites are very commonly used as a sales tool and should be expected to meet certain quotas. There are several tools that can be applied to an ecommerce site that will not only encourage sales, but also make the purchasing process easy for customers.   

Search Engine Rankings:

While this is a newer goal than some of the others, it has become one of the most common goals amongst website owners. The design and development of the website can boost the rankings in search engines as well as increase the overall effectiveness of the site. Where does your site rank amongst your competitors?

Information & Structure:

Websites are often the first impression your audience has of you. The copy on your site, its organization, tone, and validity all can influence the effectiveness of your site. Disorganization of content and confusing structure can negatively affect your visitor’s experience. If they aren’t able to find what they are looking for they will quickly leave your site.

Going back to the question posed earlier, does your website effectively meet all of your goals and effectively share the message of your brand? If your answer is anything less than an enthusiastic "YES!" let's talk about how to bring your website to that place of success!

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