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How fast does a website age?

Many website redesigns are built on a foundation that can carry your web marketing efforts for years with little maintenance. However, the web is a dynamic arena. If it's been more than a year since your website had an update, it may be time to look at tweaks and enhancements that can bring things up to speed. Here are five simple questions to check your web effectiveness:

1. Does our website accurately reflect what the business is doing today? Is all of the information completely up to date? Are the photos of current products and team members? Has the way that you or your sales team talk about the business changed, and does the website still sound the way you need it to? Does it match your business cards, logo, letterhead, signage, and other promotional materials? A simple website redesign that updates content, colors or graphics can often be quick and inexpensive, and can provide a fresh appearance and even more web traffic.

2. Does our website grab a visitor's attention immediately? Engaging graphics and other visual elements can help to draw web visitors in immediately, which can mean more leads for your business. If your home page could be described as simple or plain, you may not be keeping the people who visit. Adding a Flash-based animation or a new graphic can make a big difference in how likely web visitors are to come back or make a purchase, without a complete redesign.

3. Is it easy for web visitors to see how to contact us? Some people prefer to call you, others will want to email you, and still others would love a live chat option. The easier you make it for people to contact you, the more likely they are to do it. We've seen great cases of successfully tripling business leads by making some simple changes to layout of an existing website.

4. Are we getting the kind of web traffic that we want? How many people are visiting your site? Many businesses start with a website because they feel they have to have one, and then don't do much with it. Would you consider a website redesign if you knew thousands of people were seeing your website every month? What about if thousands of people could be seeing your website, but aren't? Basic changes to content and a moderate investment in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you get your site in front of your ideal customer.

5.  How could a website redesign save us time and make us money? Businesses are starting to move beyond a website that only shares info about their company to integrate online ordering, customer-only information areas, tech support, and more. Is there a business function you're handling now that could be done on the web? It could be worthwhile to discuss a redesign to explore your options.

Your website effectiveness is our business. BolderImage is a Chicago-based web redesign and mobile application development company serving companies of all sizes nationwide. To learn more about enhancing your current website for better traffic or sales, contact us today.

- BolderImage Web Design

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