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How is Your Web Strategy?

Many companies try to find a process for creating success with their website but they struggle to bring it all together. Here are some tips on how can you start achieving success with your website

1) Establish a benchmark- start by identifying metrics that will act as a tangible baseline for measuring the progress of your website. To establish proper benchmarking you will need to create some goals for your site that will focus on short and long-term growth. Start with business based goals and focus on backing them with hard numbers.

a. Goals- Some examples are: More leads, more traffic, lower bounce back ratios on key pages within the site or sales if your site is ecommerce.

b. Benchmarking- Some popular stats used for benchmarking are: traffic, traffic from important keywords, current ranking in search engines with important key words, leads and sales.

2) Blue Print- You cant design a thirty-floor skyscraper without having the right foundation. You website is like a skyscraper. It is critical to have the right foundation in place to ensure your goals are hit much easier. The foundation consists of. a. The proper use of title tags, ALT tags, Meta Tags, content and inbound links.

3) Strategy- once your foundation is addressed the next step is to add more specifics to your short and long-term goals. Adjust your goals based on reasonable progress from your current benchmark. Your strategy should define where you want your site to be and the more clear and concise this is the better off you are. It should also have a timeline in which you expect to complete the work.

4) Execution- Make sure you implement the strategy. This is where most companies fail. Many companies have the proper strategy, but are not patient enough to realize results. They quit to early. If you write quality content long enough and with the right keywords your site will be just fine.

- BolderImage Web Development

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