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Is it Time to Add a Survey Tool to Your Website?

Adding a survey tool to your website is pretty easy these days – yet it doesn’t cross most people’s minds.  Since a survey is a great way to find out what visitors to your website are thinking about specific topics, here are a few good uses for a survey tool:

  1. Enhancing Your Community.  On some sites, a new survey is put online every week.  It’s yet another reason to keep coming back to the site.  It’s fun.  Members of your online community can come back and participate in the survey and see everyone’s responses.  The more often people return to your site, the more often you can get your message out.
  2. Collect Valuable Data from Your Members.  Some sites gather data for product or website improvement.  Ask the people that come to your website what their favorite feature is, or better yet, what they think is missing.  Asking your audience questions can bring you valuable information on how to improve.
  3. Tailoring Visitors’ Experiences.  On some sites, by asking certain questions, you can tailor the content of the site more to their personal liking.  For example, on a health site, you could ask the client their age and sex.  Based upon their answer, you could tailor portions of the site to be related to health issues for a specified age bracket and gender.

There are many other good uses for an online survey.  Are you missing opportunities to listen to your visitors?

- Dave Gruen
Senior Vice-President, Consulting Division

Tags: strategy 

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