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Is it Time to Make Sure Your Website is Formatted for Higher Resolution Monitors?

Years ago, screen resolutions were fairly standard at 640x480 (640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high).  Then, technology expanded to the 800x600 resolution.  Some people were fortunate enough to have a display of 1024x768, but most websites were built to give the user the best performance at 800x600 because that was the resolution a vast majority of internet viewers were using.

Unfortunately, this smaller resolution is still where most website designs are left at in today’s world.

In reviewing Google Analytics for our website, we see the following chart:



As you can see, over 97% of people that visited our website have a display resolution greater than 800x600.

If your website is locked in at the 800x600 resolution, you are missing out on very valuable screen real estate.  Sometimes it is best to expand the text area of the website so that you can fit more on a page without having to scroll down while other times it is better to add another column of items on the side to quickly allow visitors to access special areas on the website. 

Another problem with websites that are locked in at 800x600 is they tend to look dated since people instinctively see those sizes as older style designs.

By updating your websites resolution, you will create a website design that is more up-to-date and easier for visitors to use.

- Dave Gruen
Senior Vice-President, Consulting Division

Tags: web design 

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