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Web Design Trends of 2012

One of the most bittersweet elements of the Internet is its tendency to transform and the quick adoption of ever evolving trends. In our last blog we looked backwards and discussed the dated trends of the 90’s and 2000’s. Let’s look forward today and discuss some of the latest design trends that are currently changing the Internet as we see it.

Simple & Clean

If you’ve ventured to a DIY blog or a photography website you’ve likely noticed this style. Very little extras, straightforward copy, and a main focal point. The colors tend to be either a combination of earth tones or a bright accent color paired with neutral browns, greys, and whites. More times than not you’ll also find the colors paired with a unique, but often subtle texture. This style is great for businesses that are looking for a simple, inexpensive, and fun design to communicate their product offerings, industry happenings and exciting news.

Photo Backgrounds

With Internet speeds constantly on the rise, it is not as big of an issue to have large photos as it was in the past. The technology is a great complement to the consumer trend of wanting more visual elements on the websites they frequent. If one of the goals of your brand is to make a visual impact, this trend is for you. Be sure you use high quality, high-resolution photos; after all, you want it to be a positive impact, right?

Unique Fonts

Fonts are a great way to grab attention of your visitors. Fonts speak emotion and can add a certain “feel” to your website design. If you have a website targeted towards bodybuilders you will probably use a different than a site that is targeted towards poets, right? Brands are beginning to design their own fonts so they can grab the emotion they are looking and not having to worry about mimicking another company.

Responsive Design

With the latest upgrades to coding possibilities responsive designs are quickly increasing in popularity. If you aren’t sure what responsive design is, trying shrinking the size of this window. See how the design on the page moves and recenters as you adjust the width of the page? This functionality-focused design trend is becoming a staple in web design. If you’re ready to design (or redesign) a website, keep these trends in mind so you can make the biggest impact possible.

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