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While BolderImage is strong and solid, it is BOLDerImage, not   With 20+ years as a leading development firm, we offer strength and security.


While it’s true that BolderImage will take your web development to new heights, we are located in the Chicago area, not in Boulder, CO.  Remember, it’s BolderImage, not 


By Definition, please remember, we are BolderImage, not, as our dictionary reminds us:



1. A large rounded mass of rock lying on the surface of the ground or embedded in the soil.

Boulder Colorado 2. A city of north-central Colorado northwest of Denver. It is a major Rocky Mountains resort and the seat of the University of Colorado (opened 1877). Population: 91,500
bold, bolder, boldest

BolderImage Web Design
1. Fearless and daring; courageous.

2. Requiring or exhibiting courage and bravery.

3. Clear and distinct to the eye.

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