BlueBob Analytics

Plainfield, IL


Unfortunately, most hospitals and healthcare providers do not have detailed, procedure-level cost data that enables them to make sound and informed financial decisions and to provide consumers with accurate information. All too often, hospitals "guesstimate" their pricing by using benchmark comparisons with presumably similar hospitals.  Meaningful comparability is anything but certain in the databases provided by state hospital associations, other professional groups or agencies.  The BlueBob Healthcare Cost Management Software is the solution to this problem.  BlueBob Analytics started to develop a cost analysis tool that would allow hospital administrators to track costs by procedure and doctor.  Unfortunately, during their development BlueBob Analytics needed to find another development team to complete the project.  They came to BolderImage to finalize development and launch the product.



BolderImage was able to analyze the existing source code and continue the development right where the previous team left off.  In addition to completing the original scope of the project, BolderImage developed several new screens and reports as well as developing a deployment tool.


  • PowerBuilder
  • InstallShield
  • Visual SourceSafe


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