LECO Corporation

St. Joseph, Michigan

The objective of this project with LECO Corporation was to create an affordable and easy-to-use software-based hardness testing system.  The newly developed software needed to work with an analog camera or a digital microscope camera.  Users also required the ability to easily measure their microhardness indentations (either Knoop or Vickers), store the data and easily create reports.

BolderImage created the ConfiDent2 Hardness Testing Software.  This easy-to-use software retrofits to almost any microhardness tester and conformed to ASTM Method E-384 for Microindentation testing.

The software allowed users to connect either an analog camera or digital microscope camera to their existing or new microhardness tester.  With just a few clicks of a button users can grab images from their microhardness tester and make measurements, even case depth measurements.  Measurements can be made using either Knoop or Vickers test methods and data can be converted to Brinell, HRC, HRB, Tensile and an assortment of other units of measure using the hardness conversion chart and any measurement falling outside of the set tolerance limits would be automatically flagged.

Cases are tagged with specific customer and job information, and they can then be saved and easily restored for review later.

While ConfiDent2 had its own reporting engine, BolderImage also integrated Microsoft Excel® for open ended reporting.  Creating a unique tagging system, ConfiDent2 can now easily create reports in an Excel format which are then saved or shared with other users.

BolderImage also developed the application to be multilingual.  The software currently supports English, German and Spanish.

Technologies Used:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Crystal Reports
  • PAXcam Digital Microscope Camera

BolderImage also created the ConfiDent2 website and supports the application with hundreds of users worldwide.

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