Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Services

Oak Park, Illinois

Develop a user-friendly patient management system that would improve the speed of scheduling appointments, help reduce user error, and facilitate meaningful analysis of patient information on hundreds of thousands of archived records.


A well-established natural medicine clinic, Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Services, was struggling with an outdated, inefficient DOS-based patient management system that was not meeting the practice’s needs. Scheduling appointments was a cumbersome and time-consuming process, and years of collected data were not being used.



BEFORE: The former DOS-based software hampered efficiency and allowed many opportunities for user error. AFTER: The new MedEx software is not only user-friendly, it saves staff members significant amounts of time, allowing them to better serve patients.


As Executive Director Marion Hauser notes, “We weren’t using our current software to its maximum capability because we didn’t know how. Plus, the software, like all out-of-the-box patient management systems we’ve looked at, had applications centered around insurance carriers, which didn’t fit our needs. We needed a solution that would make scheduling fast and easy for our front desk personnel as well as allow us to analyze years worth of patient data we had collected, stored and never done anything with.”


BolderImage created a custom patient management system (MedEx) for Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Services that tracks appointments, schedules and patients. The software allows personnel to track treatments and invoices. Plus, it reports important statistical information on hundreds of thousands of records in a SQL Server database.

“Not only has MedEx been a major time saver, like allowing us to schedule repeat appointments in one simple step,” says Marion. “But we now can manage our data in quantifiable, objective ways. We can find out what kind of marketing is working as well as determine effectiveness rates on particular treatments. A report can be created for anything we input. The possibilities are endless.” 

Both the BolderImage team and the staff at Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Services agree that good communication played an important role in the successful development, delivery and deployment of the custom software application. Marion notes that because members of the BolderImage team spent time watching her staff use the old software, they were able to identify the problems and know how to solve them.

Dave Gruen, now Senior VP of Consulting at BolderImage gives a lot of credit for the project’s success to the client’s willingness to participate in the process.

“At every step of the way, the staff at Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Services expressed its wants and needs,” says Dave. “Because the communications between the end user and the development team was so open, we were able to deliver a product that hit the mark.”

In addition, everyone agrees that the application is extremely user-friendly and requires almost no training to use. As Marion enthusiastically says, “MedEx has been a breeze for the whole staff. We absolutely love it.”

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