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What would your business look like if you could be free of IT concerns? Don’t let your core focus be disrupted by an endless barrage of technical minutiae.

Why Use BolderImage IT?
BolderImage has developed a talented team of technical experts, highly trained in a wide range of hardware and software. BolderImage IT has the depth and breadth of experience needed to troubleshoot your basic or advanced IT needs.

Of course, if BolderImage designed your website, we are already prepositioned to efficiently provide the additional IT solutions you require. Streamline the entire IT experience in one fell swoop, by creating a single point of contact for all web, email, and networking needs. This will provide greater continuity of service and allow your organization to run smoother.

What Services can BolderImage - IT Provide?

  • Enterprise Solutions: Provide corporate enterprise solutions such as Microsoft Exchange.
  • Licensing: Maintain your software licensing and compliance with Microsoft, Symantec and other software companies. BolderImage IT can even introduce your company to some very affordable Microsoft licensing solutions.
  • Monitoring: Install monitoring software on computers to ensure that users are not violating your internet policies by visiting unauthorized sites or performing online activities that put your company at risk. We can also monitor the health of your network, helping to maintain and ensure its reliability.
  • Protection: Audit and clean computers infected with spyware and viruses, increasing speed and performance while decreasing the risk of infecting other users on your network.
  • Purchasing: Purchase, configure and provision new equipment for your office (i.e. computers, printers, scanners).
  • Recovery: Create reliable disaster recovery solutions that will safely protect your data while minimizing downtime in the event of data loss or outage.
  • Remote Access: Configure and maintain secure remote access to your network.
  • Security: Performing security audits to prevent unwanted network intrusions and data theft.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot and resolve any issues related to your workstations, servers or network infrastructure on a remote, regular on-site or as needed basis.
  • Upgrades: Roll out software upgrades such as Microsoft Vista, MS Office, etc.

What about Emergencies?
BolderImage IT fully recognizes the demands of business today, and that not all problems happen during business hours. The fact is, you need someone on call 24/7 to answer your urgent IT questions. And sometimes a simple call won’t do. In that case, BolderImage IT will dispatch technicians 24/7 to handle your emergency network and infrastructure needs. Sleep better at night with BolderImage IT on the job.

How are BolderImage IT services priced?
Not all networks require the same amount of maintenance.  Please contact BolderImage for details on custom IT maintenance and support packages, or for more information about per-incident rates.