HOW TO: Update Your Email Settings (iPhone)

From your home screen, click on the Settings icon. Scroll down until you see and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
Click on the email account that you have hosted with BolderImage. Once the account information comes up, scroll down until you see Incoming Mail Server. Tap on the Host Name.
Delete the entry to and replace it with Once you are done entering the new address, scroll down to Outgoing Server and tap on the SMTP field. You will see a list of possible SMTP server choices.

Note: If your incoming mail server lists your company’s domain, i.e. instead of, you do not need to make any of these changes.
From the list of SMTP choices, select the Primary Server, which should be Tap on the Host Name field and replace with Once you have completed entering the host name, click on the SMTP button at the top to go back to the Outgoing Server list.
If everything has been entered correctly, you will now see in the Primary Server section instead of the old Birkey address.

Congratulations! You’ve updated your settings on the iPhone. You can click on the Home button to return to the main screen of your Phone. If you have any issues sending or receiving mail, please contact our support department.


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